Our Work

United Way of Bristol at work in our community …

As part of its work to help the residents of our community enhance their lives, United Way of Bristol undertakes a number of strategic initiatives and community partnerships that pull together resources to bring about improvements in Bristol.

Family Promise of Bristol… Helps homeless families with children have the resources nec-essary to regain permanent housing. Santa Pal Provides financial oversight for this program that helps local families provide Christmas gifts for their children ages 5-12.

Help Your Neighbor… A program sponsored by BTES and BVU to help customers who are less fortunate pay their winter electric bills. The electric companies collect donations from their customers. The Salva-tion Army certifies the eligibility of the recipient, and the United Way of Bristol disburses the funds. Every dollar goes directly toward helping residential electric customers.

School Resource Program… Provides resources through the guidance counselors in the Bristol Tennessee, Bristol Virginia and Sullivan Co. school sys-tems to ensure that students have what they need to be pre-pared to learn.

Family Wize Prescription Drug Discount Card… In partnership with FamilyWize, United Way of Bristol seeks to assist the uninsured and underinsured by providing prescrip-tion drug discount cards to families and individuals who have no prescription insurance or whose insurance does not cover certain medications.

Emergency Food Assistance… Provides food to needy individuals and families in our commu-nity through the Bristol Emergency Food Pantry.

Week of Caring… Works with local businesses in our community to select a wish list project from our partner agencies to complete during the “week” (usually the second week of June). The company pro-vides the manpower and/or resources to accomplish these projects that would otherwise go undone. An average of 20-22 projects that are accomplished each year.